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Loads of people use to hate Hufflepuff but now that Tom Felton, J.K Rowling, James and Oliver Phelps have been sorted in there they now ‘love’ it.

those people are like: 

And the people who liked it even before that are like:

Ok, just found out James and Oliver Phelps were messing around with a iphone app that placed them in Hufflepuff but you still get what I mean. 

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    omg, so much more love for Hufflepuff now :D HOUSE PRIDE
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    I have no problem with Hufflepuffs I just don’t think I am one…
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    I don’t hate True Hufflepuffs, by best friends is one, but t=I have to admit that the random Hufflepuffs who are only...
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    WTF I love all houses equally, but I mostly would like to be in gryffindor or Hufflepuff
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    lol still don’t like hufflepuff very much. and i’d like to see the proof of these sortings, thank you very much.
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    Never liked Smufflepuff, never will. -shrugs-
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    Nope, I still don’t like Hufflepuff. I don’t care who got sorted in there. Welp.
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    the—little—things: THEY HAVENT BEEN SORTED THERE!!!!!!
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